Types and Description of Cruise Line Jobs

A cruise ship can be floating and cruising in the water for days and weeks carrying passengers that are out for a good time. But what makes a cruise successful for these passengers? Is it the good facilities? The good sites? The cruise pleasure and experience? Or the people working to give the best service in a cruise ship?

All of these are considered in what we can call a good cruise along with the people that are in the ship. A ship can also be considered as a small city as a community is formed with in it. Strangers become friends, crews and clients interact and workers becomes tourists. Yes, workers on a cruise doesn’t just work all the time, they do enjoy and have fun as well as they are a part of that community. You too can be a part of the community wherein you are paid to travel. To give you a general idea of the types of cruise ship careers at cruise lines, here are a few detailed job description, qualifications and duties:

Cruise Ship Entertainment Jobs
Almost always synonymous with “cruise staff”, these positions are considered most glamorous jobs on the ship and are the most in demand career. Cruise ship entertainment jobs deals with anything relating to passengers entertainment. This may include hosts and hostesses, cruise director jobs and staff, performers, disc jockeys, cruise ship musician, shore excursion staff and swimming instructors.

Cruise Ship Deck and Engineering Jobs
Responsible for maintaining and running the vessel, this department doesn’t usually accept entry-level positions and mostly only experienced merchant marines that include maintenance workers, deckhands, engineers and ship officers who are in charge of passenger safety. It is their task to sail the ship, maintain the ship performance and physical state and keep it in accordance with fleet regulations and international maritime laws.

Cruise Ship Service Jobs
Jobs on this department are concerned with managing the restaurants, bars and passenger cabins, as well as shipboard retail concessions like souvenir and gift shops. They are the ones who serves food, beverages or any kind of product that can generate them a good amount of tip from the passenger. The ship’s treasurer in charge of passenger accounts, currency exchange, ticketing and more, also called the purser, are also included in this category.

Cruise Ship Personal Care/Service Jobs
Fitness, beauty, spa and medical services are included in this category. This are very important jobs in a cruise ship since most passengers signed up for a cruise to enjoy themselves, relax, be comfortable and pamper themselves and the medical department are to render services in times of medical emergencies like simple cuts and bruises, allergies and being sea sick.

Cruise Ship Office Jobs
Office positions are generally for employees who works in the main office or branch arranging cruises, managing accounts or performing general office work onshore. Positions like administrative assistants, sales/marketing staff, clerical workers and booking agents are some of the jobs available in this category.

Different cruise lines uses different categories or department for the cruise jobs that are needed in their ships but the listed jobs above are the most used categories.

Have You Seen My Boss?

I work for a huge organization and have never met the guy in charge. Rumor has it, that there might not be one single person in charge, but a committee of talented and caring individuals. Great, I don’t even know for sure who I’m ultimately working for.

I’ve heard it said that I’m not alone. Apparently there’s an enormous amount of staff all doing various assignments, some in management, some in communications, some in marketing and advertising, some in product development, and quite a few new recruits who really have no idea what they’re going to be doing. I work alone in my little cubical without much interaction with my coworkers. I’m not really sure why that is, but from what I’m told, my work is done best without the distraction of others. Oh well, I think I would like to have coworkers around to distract me, but what do I know? I know I’ve gone through extensive training and am getting pretty good at my job. I’m starting to feel comfortable here. I like my work. From what I’ve read in the company newsletters, memos, and emails, other people are being trained together in groups, and quite a few are cross-training in and out of each others departments.

A lot of us have children and we’re encouraged to bring them to work with us. My three seem to dart in and out of my work area on a regular basis. They show up a lot in my work. Sometimes they help me and other times they would rather just play at being kids. Since my boss doesn’t seem to mind if they are here or not, I just sort of let them come and go in and out of my work as much as they like. I wonder if they’ll end up working here too. I really want for them to love their jobs like I do, and I encourage them to be whatever they want when they grow up. However, if I was completely honest, I’d love it if they’d follow in my footsteps and come do this with me.

I’ve also noticed that the company really supports coworkers dating each other and will usually set up husband and wife teams to work together on projects. I think that’s really cool. I look forward to some day working side by side with a partner. I haven’t really dated anyone from this company yet. I think that most of my coworkers seem pretty nice and it might be the one place where it’s safe to date your coworkers, but I’m just not sure yet.

The schedule is really great. I get to make my own hours especially because of working around my kids’ schedule. My boss is very understanding of the fact that we’re all parents, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. It’s the most family friendly company I’ve ever worked for. We are all allowed flextime, job sharing, and as much parental leave as you could ever dream of. It’s not that we don’t have deadlines and really important time tables, it’s just that there’s always someone else who can pick up and run with your project if you need to stop and focus on something else for a bit. When you come back to work, you may be reassigned to another project if you’ve been gone too long and the original project was in jeopardy of not being completed on time, but nobody gets mad at you for it and everyone seems really happy to pitch in wherever needed. You can work as much or as little as you like and you’re free to work from home too.

You do get called into meetings but everyone’s pretty straight up and they let you argue the point if you don’t like the assignment handed out to you. The management will explain their reasoning for just about everything. The only thing I can’t get them to tell me is who is the big boss in charge of this whole operation. While in the meetings, they really make you feel like you’re a valuable member of the company. I always come away from the meetings feeling really inspired and ready to take on the world! I usually forget all about trying to figure out who the boss is because I feel so good about working for such a great organization.

The pay scale is nothing like anywhere else I’ve ever worked. They say that we can pick our own salary just so long as we really believe that we’re worthy of it. Apparently, if you try to bluff and say you’re worth more than you really think you are, then they find out and reduce your pay check to match what you secretly think is your value. I’m not always sure how they do that part, but it does seem to work. There have been times when I’ve told myself I was worth more and then didn’t get the raise in pay. Later upon retrospect, I realized that they were right and I was just saying that to try to convince myself. They do however guarantee you a minimum wage that is enough to cover all of your basic needs. You never go hungry and if you want a roof over your head, then one will be provided. Compensation is really up to you after the basics are met. You determine how much work you’re going to do for them, how much it’s worth, and the value you put on it is the amount you’ll collect.

I must confess that I don’t even know the name of the company I work for. I’ve heard us called Lightworkers, Hippies, Christians, Buddhists, New Age, Pagans, Mind-Body-Spirit types, psychics, channels, freaks, dreamers, Starseeds, aliens, angels, and the enlightened ones. I’ve also heard that we work for God, Spirit, aliens, angels, the Collective Unconsciousness, and Mother Earth. I love my job and this organization. I’m so glad they recruited me.

Copyright 2003, Skye Thomas, Tomorrow’s Edge

Find Out More About What Is Digital Art

Knowing what is digital art first depends on how you define the term. When people think of the term, they generally think of pictures, most likely of a beautiful landscape being looked over by people in a gallery.

Digital art is mainly an umbrella term for anyone and anything that uses a computer in its creation. This covers a wide variety of media for interesting ideas that you may not expect to see. While it does cover pictures and photography, it also covers video games, movie special effects and so forth.

People may find the concept of a video game being a work of art a strange idea to get their head around. The movie critic Roger Ebert argued that the goal orientated nature of the video game meant it could never truly be on the level of a great feature film or piece of music.

This however is not necessarily the case. The world of film is relatively new in terms of art at just over a century old. When the first films came out, they were regarded as a novelty. There was no attempt at narrative, the most famous example being people diving away from a steam engine.

In recent years, artists have used video game programming to subvert the very goal orientated medium that Roger Ebert refers to. A recent example began like a typical problem solving puzzle game, asking the gamer to guide people onto a train, ensuring they can get in, prising open doors and so forth. It is only at the end of the game that it is revealed that these people are being taken to a concentration camp. This then provokes a reaction in the gamer, a stark and disturbing reminder of the power of instruction.

The advent of cheaper computers and art programs has also led to creative users to change the very medium that the games are a part of. These are known as machinima and these are effectively a kind of cross between computer animation and digital puppetry. Again, these videos often subvert the genre of the game. One famous example consists of the heroes of a shooting game taking part in a chat show in between gun fights!

This kind of manipulation also extends to other areas. Digital imaging software now allows people to create new images from photography. In some cases, their use has been quite controversial. In fashion photography, the process known as airbrushing removes perceived imperfections on a model, creating a false representation of their looks. Many groups are concerned that the presence of these images can have a negative effect on body perception.

As well as the images themselves, the means of producing works has become more sophisticated. In recent times, the imprecise nature of using a mouse to create artwork on a computer has been replaced in favour of graphics tablets, that work more in the style of an old fashioned drawing pad.

If you want to know more about digital art, you can find the website of your local art school where you can see examples from local artists.